The spey rod is great if you are spey casting and is easier on the shoulder, but I don't get significantly more distance. I cast the 3 weight on the pond at IFTD last year. We’ve just received a handful of the new OPST Micro Skagit rods designed by Skagit legend Ed Ward. We started our discussion on switch rods, which we agreed are not switch rods when they exceed 11-feet, or if a rod gets called a switch rod by a manufacturer and it’s over 11-feet, they are just short spey rods because they are a bear to overhand cast. They turn it into a language more similar to Chinese Calculus rather than one of fly fishing. Most however are 10-14" and tackle the fly … It will initially include six rods in total, ranging from a 9’9” Micro Skagit Two-Handed 3wt up to an 11’6” 8wt, and every whole rod weight in-between. Featuring the Advanced Boron III technology, fast action Two-Handed rods designed for trout fishing offering a Very lightweight, powerful rod that can generate very high line speeds. “The micro spey rod addressed those folks who want to spey cast for trout – small species. It launched, as if nitroglycerin injected, a dumbfounding 90-feet with rod and line purchasing the distance on their own. As part of the greater family of new spey rods (Full Spey, Compact Spey, Trout Spey), these new rods are dialed for how today’s anglers fish their two hand rods. This is anecdotal evidence of course but I can’t think of a single time trout fishing when they are off the bug bite that they won’t grab a sculpin pattern. I really like these rods. This 3wt rod will deliver dry flies extremely long distances and with turn over light dropper rigs with ease. Reviews. The relatively new category of "Micro Spey" gear scales things down for both fish and playing field. We developed our rods over five years during which we refined the taper to represent Ed’s concepts. Combining the sensitive feel of a trout fly rod and the powerful casting capabilities of spey rods, Winton's Boron Two Handed Micro Spey Rod provides trout specialists with a versatile fly fishing tool. SAGE Trout Spey HD 3110-4 – $900. TFO Drift rod review. “When I first heard the term micro spey, I was a bit incredulous. The shorter values are suited for skagit heads, while the longer heads are recommended for scandi heads. After my recent Bosnia trip fishing in river Una, I can certainly appreciate the versatility of having such a rod in my arsenal. SAGE Trout Spey HD 4113-4 – $900. The new G Loomis IMX PRO - Trout Spey Rods are among the best for anglers targeting lightweight species like trout. Filters. Here is a very good article by Gorge Fly Shop comparing Sage Trout Spey vs Winston Micro Spey. The weight of the line is also too great to offer the right and delicate presentation needed for chub. By Louis Cahill. The #6 and #7 weights however will play up for light Salmon and full sized Steelhead work. A 14-foot 3-weight would, most think, cause huge management problems. Every one of the IMX Pro fly rods I’ve cast has been a joy, but the 11-foot 11-inch two-handers really stand out. How I rationalize it to myself is like this: while they will all cast and fish smaller flies effectively, the 3wt is not a big-fly rod. Distance does not necessarily catch fish; often it’s a hindrance when trout fishing – think overline spook. What exactly are they? While those rods remain popular, more recently, focus has shifted in part to single-hand spey … It is 4 rod in one covering 9ft dry fly fishing to 10' Euro nymphing to 11'3" or 12'3" micro spey / trout spey. Every one of the IMX Pro fly rods I’ve cast has been a joy, but the 11-foot 11-inch two-handers really stand out. Currently, Rajeff Sports distributes Echo Fly Rods to the world and Airflo Fly Lines to North America. So, without further ado, here is the Big Sky Anglers 2020 Shop Picks Trout Spey Rod Review… CONTENTS. You definitely should grab a reasonably priced 3-wt Switch or Spey rod ( I recommend the Echo SR) and the OPST Integrated Skagit line. Their long lengths allow you to cover a lot more water, yet still nicely amplify the fight of an average-sized trout. There is an advantage aside from pocketbook protection. For a few years, the development of smaller spey rods—typically 11 1/2 feet or smaller and lighter in weight—geared towards two-handed spey casting, but on a similar scale, predominated. $845.00. There are other micro-rods out there that will perform well so be sure to do your test drives. Their new 3wt Drift rod is certainly a game changer. It can make casting a delight for the least of casters. It was a great match, combined with a 10' T-8 MOW Tip it trout fishes great. Our Commando heads excel on conventional two hand "Spey" rods but are optimized for shorter switch rods from 10 -12 foot. There are exceptions. For those intending to make the foray into the small switch rod arena (2wt - 4wt), this is a good read. The Trout Spey 3wt delivers smooth power to cover an amazing amount of water with ease. The length made it possible to do so, and still fish a relatively light rod. Erik Carlson, a seasoned guide, and Red’s fly shop winter season sales aid, as well as, fixer of whatever needs fixing, had this to say about micro spey rods. Joe Rotter, Red’s Fly Shop guide service manager, commented on a new shooting head: OPST Commando Heads: It is definitely not the most powerful rod in the test, and struggled when … If someone catches a smallie (smallmouth bass) on the Potomac River using a micro, they’ll probably never go back to there 9-footer. Trout Spey – you may have heard that term or others like “Trout Skagit” or “Micro Spey” thrown around. I cast the 3 weight on the pond at IFTD last year. The drift is a seven piece rod that comes with a snazzy aluminum case and can be a 9" - #3 dry fly rod, multi-length Euro Nymph rod, or multi-length Trout Spey rod, and does a great job in all its … Spey rod Reviews for the Working Man; Get Your Spey Gear at The Red Shed Fly Shop; Best fly fishing Combo under $100 may be the best fly rod combo under $200 update 9/15/19; Rio In Touch Single Hand Spey Line Test Cast and Fish. . We have fished the 300 Grain Head on a Winston Boron III-TH Micro Spey 4 Weight. The question – is Winston’s micro worth $800? “Trout anglers that wanted the switch advantage have moved to a newly named fly rod called micro spey. For those that took up Carl's offer, your in for a mind blowing treat! Winston Boron III TH-MS 10' 6" 3wt Micro Spey Rod. If you like near perfection, yes. Kerry enlisted the help of our own Matt Klara and others to dial in a unique, versatile, super-fun, forgiving rod that will change your opinion about what 4 and 5wt 2-handers for trout can and should do. Almost all the rod makers that have met the rush to satisfy the explosion of interest in micro have limited their selection to 2-, 3-, 4-, and 5-weight rods. The Microspey two-handed grip adds casting power in a slim design that trout angers will appreciate.Winston's signature Boron 3 technology creates a light, fast-action taper that … They are a high end fly rod and anything that Winston puts out is typically near the top of the food chain. Reviews. . Combined with a short Skagit head, these rods allow you to add a double haul to your spey cast. What is the fascination? Finally TFO is getting into the Microspey game. In single-handed rods, this is generally a pretty easy – you find a 5-weight reel to match your 5-weight rod. The Full Spey comes in a standard 13′ length in 6wt, 7wt and 8wt perfect for bigger water situations. Richard is probably the most knowledgeable individual in the Mid-Atlantic East Coast about matters fly fishing… or at least, the most qualified to have an “industry” opinion. [dropcap]E[/dropcap]ast Coast corridor fly fishers have been described by bloggers “out west” as being smartly schooled in the old traditions of fly angling, but decades behind understanding the advantages of switch rods, spey rods, and of late, micro spey fly rods. Ol' Craig had been spurring me to try out his new 2 Weight Sage ONE Switch Rod for a while now. Even though pricey this rod will quickly please its owner. The 5125 is a big boy Spey rod with Trout Spey feel. A Micro spey rod is basically a one-handed fly rod with a lower grip added. We have found new to fly angling folks buy them and spey dedicated anglers who want to trout fish have swarmed to them.”. I grew up swinging flies. Most “budget” troutspey series do not come in a 2 weight, but the Hydrogen does, and it's a good one. It seems it’s a perfect a cappella – Winston Boron III TH – Micro Spey Trout Rods Winston Boron III TH – Micro Spey Trout Rods – 3 Weight – 10’6″ – 4 Piece Winston Micro Spey 11’6” 5-weight rod oozes soul and is overflowing with feel. We asked him what he thought of micro spey rods and OPST Commando Head, and their Lazar running line: “The micros are great. The Boron III TH-MS, released in 2014, is the oldest rod in the shootout. . Finally TFO is getting into the Microspey game. You are still … The Bauer RX Spey Fly Reels are s pecifically crafted to balance two-handed rods and heavier saltwater rods, and features a more traditional, solid black polished hardback frame. Winston Boron III TH Microspey 11ft 4wt – $1099. If you can afford it, yes. It is definitely not the most powerful rod in the test, and struggled when casting directly into the wind or when trying to throw long. I've fished with this rod for King Salmon for the past two months. $350, Redington Hydrogen Micro Spey Trout Rods – 4 Weight – 11’ 6” – 4 Piece John Arnold. 6. The laugh a reaction to reaching unplanned distances with a minimal effort. With our innovative Boron III TH-MS rods, we’ve added three light line (3, 4 and 5wt.) Just think two-handed fly rods for lighter line weights of about 5-weight and under. As an example, think of your normal WF trout fly line, now condense all of the weight of the thickest part of that line (the head, up to 50ft) down to anywhere between 12-15ft. But where these lines really get interesting is in single hand casting. Trout Spey Line Recommendation Chart BUY. A critique, if it can be called that, was a consensus also. As far as the double hand rods go, the usual spey rod has too much power to be used for this fishing. Instead of picking apart a stream I'm covering as much water as possible. Rods Find a local store. These rods blend the joy of spey and trout all into one rod. . It’s that much fun. Reviews. Powered by NitroSell var sMailingListForm = "

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